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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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erickson with our eyewitness weather. >> it is 66 degrees, it is pretty mild for this time of the morning, we will find it a lot cooler by tomorrow morning, maybe we will be dropping some 20 degrees by tomorrow morning, at the very least, so air mass is changing and changing because cold front is coming through here. it is dark and glummy at this hour of the morning but it is because of the clouds. center city fail and we have a temperature of 68 degrees at the shore. notice that we have wind that have been as high as 14 miles an hour this morning. they are coming from the south along with some rain showers, so, very mild start to the day but it is a wet one in some spots. this is a wider view not everybody is seeing these showers right now but notice through central and southern delaware you definitely are. and moving close inner to our area you'll see we have some rain showers around but most everybody is not looking at so many just through philadelphia area you may find a little bit more in the way of some showers at this point.
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otherwise we will in move to south jersey and not that much right now but as you go down towards the shore later on you'll find those showers coming up but they are not here all morning. we will be finding them leaving as we go through this morning, temperatures mild right now, will be dropping later on this afternoon. we should eventually get to maybe first thing this morning to around 70 degrees but then the temperatures do start to drop, the rain moves out as you can see on this computer model and get it out of here by noon or 1:00 and take clouds with it. what does that leave for sunday? we will check that out with the eyewitness weather seven day forecast coming up, pat. we are learning new details with a tragic death in mercer county, new jersey. cdc now confirms a four year-old boy who died last week did test positive for the enterovirus d68, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is following latest details for us, steve, we now have the the identity of that young
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boy. >> reporter: we have learn in a call from that boy's school to parents that the identity is four year-old eli waller, we're learning today that there is a noon press conference scheduled in hamilton township to stop fears based on that information and we know that they will answer questions and they will there been for the latest. meanwhile there are questions about how that virus is related in waller's death. cdc is now confirming eli waller, the the the four year-old boy who died last week in mercer county tested positive for enterovirus d68, it is first new jersey death involving respiratory illness but health officials are stressing it is in the clear what role, if any, virus played in the the death. >> the concern is why did a four year-old toddler pass. four year-old toddlers just do not the pass. so we are going to find out what this poor child passed from. >> reporter: with that news attendance plumeted at yardville elementary where
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preschool's tended class. >> some children are much sicker then others and quite a range how much weakness a child has. >> reporter: three children under ten being tested at enterovirus at chop. they all develop weakness arms and legs and swelling in their spine. >> this area in the center of the spinal cord that is abnormal in it's a experience and that is contributing to the child's symptoms. >> reporter: cdc is investigate to go see what that weakness is and how it connect goes to the virus for now a general warning for parents. >> if they were to present with weakness of the arm or leg or facial movement they should seek medical attention promptly. >> we mentioned in the story that the testing would be sent to the cdc that testing is expected back within the next few days from those philadelphia children, from the cdc, we will of course have latest when that comes back. that is latest from the news center, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now the latest on the
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ebola out break, hazmat in texas have decontaminated a dallas apartment where thomas eric duncan was staying when he became sick is. family confined to that apartment has been moved to the private residence that was offered by a volunteer. in the meantime photographer the latest american diagnosed with the ebola will be flown from africa back to the u.s. for treatment. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has more from philadelphia international airport where ebola concern is running high among travelers. >> reporter: travelers at philadelphia international airport continue to dart off to their destinations, some a little bit less care free and a little bit more concerned about the ebola epidemic. >> a little education is always good. as i say we hope that it does ant affect us. >> reporter: while u.s. is dealing with the firste bowl case in texas centers for disease control now trying to control the spread of the virus both in the states and abroad.
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passengers bustling through philadelphia's international terminal may not see it but there is i quarantine station, similar to this one in atlanta's airport set up inside the terminal for ill travelers. >> we have donna killingsal training and work with the customs and border protection agents so they know about the symptoms of ebola what to look for as they are processing the travel are coming in. >> reporter: we spoke with christine pierson from at plant via phone on friday and she says they have stepped up precautionness ebola stricken parts of the west africa for travelers before they ever entered the u.s. >> is there exit screening for all travel are and they are leaving countries where ebola out break is occurring. there is reporting for travel fierce some within gets sick during a flight and then what is happening in airport right now with customs and border protection watching for ill travelers. >> we have put up special guidance for airline crews and for their cleaning and cargo personnel just to provide more information about what they should be doing. >> reporter: the obama administration is also now assuring that the virus will
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not spread in the u.s. >> every ebola out break over the past 40 years has been stopped. we know how to do this, and we will do it, again. >> reporter: cdc tells us they are checking to see if passengers have a fever before they entered any national flight in the u.s. cdc officials say they want to assure travel their procedures are in place to pro tech their health and their well-being. at philadelphia international airport, natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". teenage driver behind an suv that crashed along the schuylkill river remains in critical but stable condition this morning. chopper three over the scene at martin luther king drive over girard on friday afternoon. suv rolled down an embankment right next to the river. authorities tell us they are still investigating what cause that had crash. isis follows through on its threat to execute british hostage allen henning. the islamic militant group
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posted another grizzly video on line friday showing the aid workers death. it end with a threat to kill american hostage peter casick. isis bee headed two other americans, reporter james foley and steven sotoloff. there are concerns this morning about the well-being of memorabilia kept at flight 93 national memorial at shanksville following a fire yesterday. flames destroyed three administrative buildings there but they did not reach memorial itself. staffers did quickly manage to save oral history record and photo collections before they had to get out of those buildings. some material is kept in a fireproof vault like the american flag that flew over the capitol building on september 11th, 2001. its condition is up known at this point. happening to take the search for missing malaysia air liner flight mh370 is resuming. it has been four months since authority last searched the
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desolate waters of the indian ocean. new equipment will arrive along with several ships that plan to spend up to a year hunting for the plane. the boeing triple seven went missing on march 8th with more than 200 people on board. the manhunt for eric trina accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, now is in its third week. investigators believe that he is somewhere in the woods, along the border, between monroe and pike counties. on friday, pennsylvania state police showed us a photo of the campsite that they found in that area, food, ammunition were in the bags. they believe that frein left behind, left them behind because he was in the hurry to get out of the air use of the woods. >> we are confident that we are pushing him hard and it is only a matter of time. he has mad a number of significant mistakes in the course of this manhunt. i have no doubt he will make digsal mistakes. when he does we will capture him.
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>> frein is accused of ambushing two state troopers at blooming grove barracks on september the 12th. corporal brian dickson was killed and trooper alex douglass was critically wounded. it was once a luxurious cruise liner, and now it sits clap dated in the delaware river after nearly two decades in philadelphia one of the most famous ships ever built now faces an uncertain future. we will go where few have gone in the past 20 years we will take you on a exclusive tour, of the ss united states. we will also have this story for you. stay on top of your saving goals and set your family budget with the help of apps and web sites i'm kara suboy and i will have my reco
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the ships carried celebrities on cruises and now sits dilapidated on the delaware river. fate of one of the most famous ships ever built the ss united states will be decided in the next few weeks. matt rivers takes us on board for an exclusive tour and the fight to save this piece of maritime history. the age where the ocean liner was king, this ship moved them all. the ss united states, sailed
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the atlantic from 1952 to 1968, a cbs news man walter kronkite put it. >> fill you with pride and wonder, just a magnificent looking boat. >> reporter: boat that attracted stars like bob hope and grace kelly, presidents too john f. kennedy took a trip with wife jacqueline along with plenty of regular folks. >> being from montana i didn't know much at all so it was really spectacular. we had to dress for dinner every night because we were in first class. we had to look just so. >> reporter: yet today, it looks like this, dilapidated on the delaware across from the eye co a in south philadelphia. >> this is as we say the most famous ship that didn't sink. >> reporter: nancy gibbs grandfather designed the ship. she runs the non-profit that owns it. >> she's really only great american liner still left in this world. >> reporter: she took us on board for an exclusive look
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inside, decks once packed with lounging passengers now weathered and empty. first class cabins now stripped bear. thinks where people would spend their evenings for the the cocktail and live music. >> and deep within the ship where you need flashlights to see a pool filled with water from the atlantic, of course. >> this is where my grand moth wore do her lap. >> reporter: ship is offer 1,000 feet long and sat here in philadelphia battling the the element, since 1996. as you might imagine it is no easy task keeping this ship afloat. it cost the group about $60,000 a in to do so, and i had fund are drying up. >> i do not want to watch this ship be towed to a scrap yard and be ripped apart. >> reporter: gibbs want to save it and its history but it must be sold. she hopes it can be refurbished as business space with a museum, other ideas like the queen marry in california turn it into a hotel, restaurant and retail complex. one potential buyer would move
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the ship to brooklyn and believe it or not it could be brought right now. >> it is not as bad as it looks. >> it is superficial. there is paint and coating of rust but the the ship is still 92 percent original strength. >> reporter: to this day in passenger ship has crossed the atlantic faster than the ss united states and now it is racing to stay afloat. matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, what a great story that was, isn't that terrific. >> very well done, so interesting, great ship. we are looking the at right now close to the ocean. we have got atlantic city any our sites and it is lights for the cure time and that is why you see buildings through philadelphia at the the shore all lit up and pink this month. speaking of that we have a race for the cure event tomorrow morning. this is central and south jersey race for the the cure out at great adventure
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7:00 o'clock's your temperature tomorrow morning at that point his 4 degrees. huge change from what we are finding out there this morning because it is very mild this morning in advance of the front that is coming through and look at these temperatures, well in the 60's. 68 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington, millville, we have 70 degrees down in wildwood, it is wild up in the poconos at 55 degrees but because it is a front it the is colder and notice it is already colder back to the west, 39 degrees in chicago. that front has been through and their temperatures have dropped as a result. storm scan three, note thinks area of precipitation moving from delaware into south jersey. it is not particularly heavy. there is a chance to pick up a heavy burst with one or two of these but generally light rain and also look at areas where we're not currently seeing any rain, which is good. if you have something to do out there this morning and want to it dry out, it will. there are scattered showers that come long but generally this moves on and it gets out
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of here and leaves our saturday in much better shape then maybe earlier in the week we thought that it would. this clears out and skies do the same. so morning rain, temperatures, right around 70 degrees, probably for our high today, one or two spots will get miler then that and after that front goes through and air starts to filter from the the northwest it is cooler here tomorrow, maybe 60, 62 degrees. big difference but in the for long. we will get milder by monday back to that lovely 70-degree mark. now as far as our computer model goes and timing out when these showers are likely to appear and where, obviously we don't set our clock watch or gps by this but you get the the idea that it is moving on through the philadelphia area pretty much ending off to the west. thinks at 9:00. by the time we hit 10:00 o'clock it has moved on again, and couple chances of maybe a little heavier precipitation moving through. by 1:00 even the clouds are starting to leave now, rain is
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already gone according to this model and by 3:00 it looks like a lot of sunshine around here and that is the trend over the next couple of days. sunday bright beautiful just an absolutely gorgeous day to day and cool with these temperatures in the four's and starts cool tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30's in some locations. by tuesday we will start with some sunshine, we will end up with a couple of rain showers coming in here at that point. it is cooler around here though starting tomorrow. we will see 70's and then tomorrow's high temperature, way down in the 60's and backup to the 70-degree mark. today 27 in philadelphia briefly. seventy-one at the shore. poconos 65. every area chance of the shower this morning and better conditions later on this afternoon. wind coming out of the west from zero to 15 miles an hour this afternoon. tonight 44 through center city but it will be in the mid to upper 30's as you go out to the lehigh valley and poconos.
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the lower number 35 degrees. by the the time we will get to tomorrow, sunny bright beautiful 62 degrees. monday 70. tuesday 73. the shore after that, we are comfortable in the low to mid 70's with some sunshine. if you love weather, we want you, to be part of our eyewitness weather team. join our eyewitness weather watchers and sign upright now at cbs pat? >> you may already know maintaining a family budget can be complicated and time consuming but instead considering down loading apps to help keep your finances on track, pay your bills and maybe even save toward a goal. in this tech minute kara suboy shares her recommendations for virtual account ant. >> reporter: looking for a seem less way to stay on top of your finances look no further then web site and free app layout your financial information in within place where you can see
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the the big picture. do everything from set long term savings terms to keep track of the $5 latte. they will set a reasonable budget and let you keep track through progress through graphics. looking for organizing your on line bill paying down load check, like all of your different bills and account and get alerts from the app when one is due or fund in your account are getting low. if you link a bank account or credit card you can pay that bill directly from the check app. fur goalies saving money or paying off debt save up makes it fun to get there every dollar you save you earn credits that can be converted into real cash. they use security measures but it is always good idea of unique complicated pass word for each site n san francisco i'm kara suboy for for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up next this saturday morning a preview of the new mystery thriller, ben afflict plays the the husband of a missing woman.
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>> which say vibe is honest, you know, it wants to look at marriage in a way that is not here. >> ben and the cast of gone girl talk to our ukee washington about the philadelphia lot of people are going to see. will lovers of the book of the same name like it? that is
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♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. another best selling book hits the big screen this weekend, and it does so with much anticipation.
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david fincher direct story titled gone girl. our friend at 20th century fox helped ukee washington with your preview of this story, it is about the deep dark fault lines of an american marriage. >> probably the most hated man in america right now. did your kill your wife nick report report screen play was written by jillian flynn based on her best seller. >> lovers of the book will love this film because. >> because it is true to the dark, toxic spirit of the book. >> reporter: wife amy dunn played by robin pike, shadow grew up in the character children book amazing amy but who is she really. >> she can mountain get a read of her. you don't know quite who she is. you are seeing someone smiling at you and not quite convinced. >> reporter: smiles, something ben afflict told me willow casely appear on the faces of movie goers with the film's scattered humeerd it. >> it is so tightly well
6:25 am
wrapped and squeezing you look a vice you have to have that outlet of humor to let the audience breathe for a minute. >> everyone told us, marriage is hard work. >> not for me and nick. >> reporter: kerry's character play is a flick twin sister and confident. neil patrick harris is wealthy ex-boyfriend and possible suspect. >> it is an unsettling thrilling expos of the darkness that marriage can create. >> i know you. >> i saw you at volunteer center. >> i wanted to help. >> reporter: so does rhonda played by kim dickens small time detective trying to solve a big time case. >> do a deposition what to say what not to say. >> train monkey. >> known for his comic films tyler perry is serious business as smooth defense
6:26 am
lawyer tanner bolt. >> everything at easy remind me of johnnie cochran when running with o.j. through the the trial, just that whole bit of ease and if i had anybody to look to, in my thought it would be johnnie cochran. >> that is in the good enough to you. >> not enclose. >> i never touch her. >> reporter: it is topical but. >> this movie is not an endorsement, it is a way of showing that it is brutal, that marriage can be about hurting one another and that is wrong. >> you ever hear the simplest ever is often the correct one. >> actually, i never found that to be true. well, finding comfort through man's best friend in the the next half an hour meet this special dog, and hear how she's helping supporting victims of crime. also ahead if you have allergies you will want to hear this this toothpaste, could ease your suffering. our health reporter stephanie
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stahl explains how it works.
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today is saturday october 4th good morning everyone i'm pat ciarrocchi. you are beginning this saturday morning, with some wet weather out there. lets start with meteorologist carol erickson in the weather center. good morning carol. >> it is wet but mild but not
6:30 am
wet in every location because we are starting to see improvement in a lot of places and some of these these showers will be ending relatively soon. let look out there right new and fine dark center city and within with clouds over us but things will be getting better this have afternoon. this day is in the a wash out. we will head out to the reading area and see wet reds out there 65 degrees, wind south east at the 1 mile an hour and a mild start to the day in every single location. the here's storm scan three and notice we will see some showers and we have got some through salem, cumberland counties, see them through central and southern delaware but they are not in the philadelphia area right now. a few more could be because some are down in maryland and moving up but notice there is geography in between these spots. so we have got some clearing that will be arriving later on today and not everybody is even in the rain right now. 68 degrees, it is mild, six in wilmington. sixty-four in trenton. it looks like our warmest
6:31 am
temperatures will be first thing today and then this afternoon they will start to drop a bit. partly sunny breezy today by afternoon after the morning rain gets out of here and it will get out of here. lets time this out. this computer model says by 9:00 a few areas have of showers but notice trend at 11:00 with lingering shower or two, maybe through new castle county and that is it just one shower according to this computer model and maybe another one approaching shore by 1:00 most everybody else will have tried out, clouds leave and rain leaves as well. so what does that leave behind. we will take a look at the seven day forecast in a fall-like day coming up tomorrow, pat. >> carol, thank you. >> new to the latest developments on the spread of the enterovirus d68. cdc is confirming that a four year-old boy from new jersey who died last week did test positive for that virus. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has been following this story and joins
6:32 am
us live from the cbs-3 news center, steve, what do you have for us. >> reporter: we have learn the the name of four year-old eli wallner a call from the school to parents, now we're hearing there will be a press conference today from where hamilton township we have word from the lead are ship there they will answer questions, meanwhile, officials are trying to figure out how that virus is connect to his death. cdc is new confirming eli waller, four year-old boy who died last week in mercer county tested positive for enterovirus d681 new jersey death involving the the respiratory illness but health officials are stressing it is in the clear what role, if any, virus played in waller's death. >> the concern is why did a four year-old toddler pass. four year-old toddlers just do not pass so concern is to find out what this poor child passed from. >> reporter: with that news attendance plumeted at yardville elementary where preschool era tended class.
6:33 am
>> some of these children are much sick are then others, quite a range of how much weakness a child has. >> reporter: three children under ten are being tested for enterovirus at chop. in all cases they develop weak necessary in their arms and legs and swelling in their spine. >> this is an area, in the center of the spinal cord, that is abnormal in it's a experience and that is contributing to the child's symptoms. >> reporter: cdc is investigate to go see what that weakness is and how it connects to the virus for now a general warning to parents. >> if they are outward present with weakness of the arm or leg they should seek medical attention promptly. >> reporter: so, bigot applications coming from the cdc based on the test results from the philadelphia children. what is the link from that virus to what we're learning about the deaths. we should learn more when those test results come back in the the next few days. live from the news center, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to the latest on the ebola out break as concern growness washington d.c.
6:34 am
doctors at two hospitals, there are testing two patients to see if they have the virus. in the meantime u.s. military is conducting medical testing for ebola at two new labs in liberia, and service members are starting to build new treatment centers there. hazmat crewness texas decontaminated a dallas apartment where this man thomas eric duncan was staying when he became sick. family quarantined there has within moved to the private residence offered by a volunteer. then a news photographer, the latest american diagnosed with ebola will be flown via private plane from africa to the u.s. for treatment. he was working with correspondent doctor nancy snyder man when he contracted the virus. doctor snyder man penn's school of medicine where she currently consults with specialist. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman spoke with doctors there. infectious disease doctor neil fishman says ebola is not transmitted through air or
6:35 am
casual contact. >> you are not going to contract ebola by shaking hands. certainly in the by sitting next to someone. it is in the transmitted like a respiratory tract infection. >> reporter: bacteria from the contagious person has to get into your bloodstream, doctor fishman says that can happen two ways, ingested or if your skinnies exposed to a significant amount offed aboutly fluids from an infected person. >> blood on your hand, diarrhea on your bare hands, or blood splat weird some blood or other, body fluid. >> reporter: this man's mom says he thinks he could have gottene bowl through skin exposure. >> apparently he was trying to help tea contaminate a car, he had protective gear on but thinks something splashed on his body. that is one possibility but really one does in the know
6:36 am
fully. >> it depend on what he got splashed with and if he got splashed with blood, yes, that is a realistic way of transmission. >> doctor fishman points out that the u.s. is better prepared to stop the transmission because simple things like wearing mask, gloves and gowns are 100 percent effective but those are supplies not the readily available in places like africa. i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". family members of the miss would go man take to the streets in frankford to ask for public's help, they handed out information about mariah gray at 30th and diamond. 22-year old was last seen, in the 6300 block of algone avenue two weeks ago. family members say gray is mentally challenge and suffers from seizures. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who robbed a market in cobbs creek, take a look at this video and maybe you can help the police. the suspect pull the gun on the clerk at christian grocery on christian street on
6:37 am
september the the 25th. the suspect got away with an unknown amount of cash, last seen eastbound on christian street running towards 57th street. philadelphia police also looking for two suspects who robbed a deli at gunpoint, this happened monday at the fumea deli at 3987 ford road, one suspect pulled a gun as you can see, the other grab the the cash, suspects were last seen running north on cranston road. well, you have heard of service dogs for the disable, how about a comfort dog for a courthouse. walt hunter introduces us to the new employee of the montgomery county court system and shows us how she can make a difference. >> reporter: you might call it a tail of justice, actually, the tail of turks, newest and only four legged employee now roaming the hallways at the montgomery county courthouse. >> today is her first day on the job, she will abe member of the staff of the d.a.'s
6:38 am
office. >> first day of school. >> reporter: moment folks spotted turks they began smiling and that is the the point, officially she's a courthouse comfort dog, carefully trained to relax victims and witnesses, helping them through the oven stressful and overwhelming search for justice. >> it is a daunting system to come through. i'm hoping she can help them through that. >> reporter: county investigators mcdonald hopes cud welling turks will help victims especially children open up, revealing important information that they might be frightened to tell humans. >> they feel that their secret is safe because dog will not tell on them report rorrer puppy pictures show turks as she was train for birth for her job by k-9 partners for life as it peers on her transition from dog house, to courthouse, and she definitely put her best paw forward. >> she pretty much walk in like she has been coming here her whole life. she has found her dog already in the office.
6:39 am
>> reporter: turks won't cost taxpayers a penny her training comes courtesy of fund seized from criminals, and her salary won't be an issue either. >> as many treats as we can give her. >> reporter: but the biggest treat of all is for victims with turks at their side, the oven frightening trip through the criminal justice system, will be just a little easier. turks is the the first and only courthouse comfort dog in our area, there are a number of others statewide, by the way she won't be able to go into the courtroom to be with witnesses, however she will greet perspective jurors when they arrive for jury duty making that stressful job just a bit easier. in the sat center i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a cooler weather means it is that time of the year where stink bugs start moving into your home. coming up next how you may be inviting the the bugs into your house and not even know it, and steps you can take to keep them out.
6:40 am
also ahead it is not hot out by any means but one pennsylvania family found a black bear trying to cool off in a rather unusual place. also umbrellas for just this morning here or there, carol will return to tell us about chim i changes ahead. we will be right back
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♪ ♪ ♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm.
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tracie reports that there are measures some people are taking before those bugs are a real nuisance. >> reporter: as temperature starts to drop, stink bugs are looking to move into your home, eric morse owner of regal pest management says you may be inviting these bugs in and not even know it. >> stink bugs land on the southwestern side of the the house where you get afternoon sun and once they are sitting on the house they will look for walk in or a crack or crevis. best to make sure you have your trim buttoned up with silicone, and caulk to prevent that. >> reporter: once inside it is not always easy getting rid of the bugs when emit an odor. >> if its one or two pick them up with the tissue and discard them or release them. >> vacuum is best tool inside the house. >> reporter: there are things outside your home to prevent stink bugs from ever getting inside. moore says to make sure your doors are sealed tightly,
6:44 am
window screens fit tightly and any cracks are sealed. >> this should be recalled, silicone, any space around any window or door, including gap is a long foundations. >> reporter: another hiding spot for stink bugs piles of wood, he says to make sure woodpiles are located 50 feet from your home and when you bring that furniture set in off your path ohio. >> it is best to turn everything over, wash everything with regular water, make sure there is in insects that you will bring in the house. >> reporter: these tiny steps can prevent a big problem. >> that was tracie reporting. america's new car company is making a big splash with the world's fastest electric car. you feel speed on that one this is new tezsla renovo coupe which can go zero to 60 in 3rd. car has a top speed of 120 miles an hour, renovo
6:45 am
coupe burroughs looks from the 1960's shelby race car but it is ledded with today's technology. are you ready, i hope you are sitting down for the sticker price, a whooping $529,000 thinks on the healthwatch this morning. a woman has given birth after becoming the world's first womb transplant recipient. a sweetish doctor will publish more details in the lancet medical journal. woman is reported to be 36 years of age. she was born without a uterus and then received a uterus from a family friend 60 years of age. she delivered a baby boy last month. mom and baby are said to be home resting comfortably, the dad says he ace maced with his son. also imagine being able to
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brush away your allergy symptoms. three on your side's health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a unique way to bring releave. derek caruba is brushing his teeth and treating his allergies at the same time. >> if there is nothing bit that seems any different then an ordinary toothpaste. >> reporter: thirty-one year-old is allergic dogs, cats, trees and dust one of dozens testing toothpaste call allerdent, custom made for patients and contain extracts of what they are allergic to. >> if you can contact those extracts, with the lining of the mouth then you candy sensitize a patient anal begins and cure them of the allergies. >> reporter: doctor william rice developed the toothpaste and studying when all erdentist more effective then allergy shots or drops. it contains f.d.a. approved extracts and it is available by prescription in pennsylvania and new jersey. >> people forget to do it and very difficult for small children to keep liquid under
6:47 am
their tongue for two minutes. >> reporter: derek says it helps with the stuffy nose and sleeping better and snoring less. >> i can breathe through my nose almost all morning. >> reporter: toothpaste can treat up to ten different allergies at one time, there can be side effects including itching and tingling in the mouth. doctorate hopes to seek f.d.a. approval so more people can benefit. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". atlantic city sky line is looking great in pink , buildings there are taking part in the lights for the cure campaign. a joint effort by cbs-3 and susan g komen philadelphia. the pink lights are a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram, october is breast cancer awareness month. the afternoon might be a nice time to take a walk on the boardwalk, don't you think, carol. >> it will be a nice afternoon to just get outside anyplace you are, so many festivals, october fess going on and
6:48 am
fortunately weather will be clearing up in time for a lot of those. right now we have low clouds as you can see cutting off the tops of the buildings but in the looking that bad. we will head out to the reading area and you can see 65 degrees out there doesn't look bad in reading. we have seen wet roads, there is still damp but skies look like they are trying to brighten there and we will find that general trend as we go through the day. it is mild with these temperatures in the 60's and upper 60's at that and 70 degrees in wildwood this morning. thinks because the air in advance of the cold front that is coming here is coming up out of the south and that is keeping these temperatures up overnight. we will find them getting another degree or two before they start to drop later on today. the rain, it is out there in some spots but not all, it is in the through philadelphia area but notice north and west in the wilmington, through chester county, a little batch here and there. most of this is very light. you will find it moving up
6:49 am
from the southwest to the north east and that is same direction that the clearing will be coming from. first people to see better weather conditions will be to the southwest where we are seeing this right new but it moves on fortunate thely and moves on in time to salvation the day. temperatures will be getting, right around 70 degrees sky conditions improving great thely and these showers getting out of here. we will time that in a second. mostly morning rain here, front goes through air mass changes and it is cool unbelievably fall like tomorrow with temperatures in the the lower 60's, dew points down in the 30's, so air mass will be a dry one. then by monday we will look nice, sunshine, temperatures about 70 degrees, we will get that warm upcoming to start the workweek how nice is that. right now the computer model says by 9:00 some rain we are finding through delaware is lifting its way through south jersey, maybe further this way, we will continue to monitor this but just know that it looks like through the the philadelphia area rain end
6:50 am
early, end early through allentown area and end early through south jersey. look at this at 11:00 this morning, some clouds, yes and some rain showers atlantic city and north but generally trend toys move these out, lingering shower behind cannot be ruled out, through 1:00 o'clock. after that it looks like some sunshine comes in here. we will have a very nice day and nice day tomorrow though. the temperatures will make it feel cooler tomorrow. sunday looks fine. monday, looks fine. tuesday, do we pick up a rain shower? it is possible but temperatures will be very comfortable. rather reminiscent of what we saw thursday and friday and to start the the day-to-day. sunday the cool day at 62 degrees, monday we are back to 70 degrees. we will keep temperatures in the 07's next week. seventy-two through philadelphia at the the most, 71 at the shore, poconos 65 degrees for our temperatures today, wind coming up out of the south right now and out of the west
6:51 am
once that front moves through, ten to 15 miles an hour, sunrise, 7:00 o'clock, it is just so dark now for a lot of time. the the sun will be setting at 6:38 or 39. i should have put my contacts in. 44 degrees tonight. much cooler morning tomorrow. we will end up with a cooler afternoon too. 62 degrees. by monday 70 degrees, tuesday, 73, we will get a chance of the shower out there on tuesday, wednesday, at this point looks nice 73, sun and clouds, thursday we will like it so much we will do it again 73 and then friday 75 degrees. this is not a bad week shaping up, pat. >> carol may be talking about cooler temperatures but doesn't mean it is not a good time to take a dip if you wear a fur coat in your life. at least if you are a bear take a look at this. security footage showing a bear romping around in a luzerne county backyard yesterday. home owner dominic lombardi
6:52 am
says that the bear went swimming, three times. to add insult to injure at one point the bear climbs out and pops a ball in the yard. >> go swimming now. >> pretty nice day. >> yes. >> could have used a beer. >> the bear was looking for that too lombardi's say they spent 20 minute in their yard and it did eventually leave crawling flat under their fence. they hope it doesn't return anytime soon. we will be right back
6:53 am
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we have this reminder if you missed breakfast with the candidates at cbs-3 studios this week watch it again sunday afternoon, it is your chance to hear from governor tom corbett and democratic
6:55 am
challenger tom wolf before next month's election. it is tomorrow a at 1:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. excellent debate with a lot of good information presented. they will call it never ending pasta and one man is making sure that is the case, alex malone who goes by, vino, i wonder why that is the case carol is making it his goal to eat at olive garden twice a week for seven weeks straight, that is 49 days of pasta, the fargo north dakota man has a message for his munching however. >> now that they have even less pasta bowl but entree i'm taking advantage office for pass pass for hundred dollars you can get all you can eat pasta and come whenever you want but entire duration of the promotion. >> and he is so young he won't gain an ounce on that one. alex says his favorite pasta dish is shrimp and mar nature a and he will blog about his experience. >> you know, he is very skinny now. lets see how he looks, take a
6:56 am
picture if front of that menu in 50 days, be the same. >> and, and, fall like with temperatures, and, today maybe not so much. we have a lit built of rain out there, in some spots, not every place, and it will be moving out, this morning and good news it gets out of here and by noon most everybody should be drying out, and, and, sun breaks today. temperatures drop to 44 degrees and tomorrow we will only get in the lower 60's, some spots might stop right around 60 degrees, in fact the to the north and west as we go through tonight temperatures could be in the 30's, now by monday, the temperatures do rise again, 70 degrees and then tuesday maybe another shower but still today not a wash out at all so energy this afternoon and tomorrow a fall-like day, pat. >> beautiful thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for now we are signing off on
6:57 am
tv but we are always on line cbs, cbs this morning saturday is next.
6:59 am
7:00 am
it's october 4th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturda saturday". isis beheads another british hostage and warns an american is next. plus new developments in the dallas case of ebola as they assure the public an outbreak won't happen here. the host and crew of one of the most popular tv shows is attacked. and it could be the key to saving the earth from sure disaster. the plans by nasa to capture and study. but we begin this morning with tod